Dental Procedures for Teeth Improvement

When a person is looking to improve their smile there are a number of cosmetic dental procedures that are available to them. Cosmetic dentistry can help a person get their confidence back and give them something to smile about.

Teeth Whitening

smile Over time teeth can become discolored or yellowed. This can happen by smoking, eating certain foods, and even drinking coffee or tea. A dentist can use a special chemical process to help bleach the teeth so they can become whiter.

The dentist can even design a custom mouthpiece with a whitening solution in it. A person can take this mouthpiece home and over a couple of weeks of use, they will notice that their teeth are whiter. A person can also get an in-office procedure to whiten the teeth. It can take one or more visits to get to teeth to a nice white color.


If there is a space or a gap between the teeth the dentist can use a process known as bonding. They will apply a solution that is the same color as teeth directly to the surface of the teeth. This will reduce the space between them or can even make a broken or cracked tooth look better. Bonding can last for several years.


Crowns are coverings or caps that are placed over a tooth to bring it back to its original shape. This can cover broken teeth, cover a large space in the mouth, or cover a dental implant. Crowns can be made from metal or porcelain and can be used to make the teeth look better and restore them back to their original shape.


This is a way that people can straighten their teeth without the metal appearance of braces. Invisalign are special retainers that are used to cover the teeth to straighten them the same way that braces do. The only difference is that is not visible. A person can get their teeth straight without the embarrassing metal look of braces.

Enamel Shaping

This procedure will remove or change the shape of the enamel to improve the look of the teeth. It can also help remove stains or change the shape of irregular teeth. This procedure may or may not be used with tooth bonding.

These are some cosmetic dental procedures that can allow a person to improve the look of their teeth and their smile. A person can get their confidence back and they will once again have a reason to smile.